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This website is under continual improvement as it aims to deliver the ability to find the best products to match your personal requirements and according to your personal budget. However, this is a work in progress. Here are some of the issues we are aware of:

Data accuracy

Approximately 10,000 items of data have been compiled to produce this website either by hand or by processing data feeds. It is inevitable that errors will be present. We make no warranty of the accuracy of the data and advise prospective buyers to check that products meet their requirements with the manufacturer prior to purchase. Please accept our apologies for any inaccuracies you find. If you would kindly report them to us we will make corrections to the data.

Photography types

The selected features and specifications for each type of photography are just a starting point. Each user will view this differently and have different requirements. This is why we allow the personal configuration of selected features. If you think the starting point is wrong, please do contact us as we want to offer the collective wisdom of many.

Weighting calculations

The weighting of certain features may give unexpected results. For example, if capture speed is very important to you and you choose to give this specification a weight of 100 it does not necessarily mean that you want to shoot at 40 frames per second. If 8 frames per second is sufficient for you, the ranking program will not be aware of this and will still give higher scores to products that exceed your requirements.

High Capture Speeds(fps)

Some cameras now are capable of shooting upto 60 frames per second. Although there maybe some specialist uses to take advantage of this, it does exceed the requirements of most applications. A future development will allow the capping of this specification. This will prevent cameras with specifications that exceed user requirements gaining extra points in the comparison calculations.

High ISO metrics

Camera high ISO specifications are not an accurate indication of the cameras ability to produce images with low noise at those high ISOs. We are seeking a solution to this important consideration

Autofocus points

The number of autofocus points is only part of the story when comparing autofocus systems. Ideally we should look at the type of autofocus points and the area covered by the focus points.

Weather resistance

We cannot vouch for the capabilities of each manufacturers weather sealing and we have no measure of this. The data we have only states whether or not some form of resistance is claimed by the manufacturer.

Comparing different product types

The website provides the ability to compare compact cameras, bridge cameras, DSLR’s and CSC’s (compact system cameras). Compacts and bridge cameras have lenses attached whereas DSLR’s and CSC’s require lenses to be purchased separately. This affects price comparison and the specifications related to lenses. To make comparison possible we have included aperture and focal length information based upon the available native lenses for each system. The largest aperture specifications for wide and telephoto focal lengths use 28mm and 85mm respectively. Features such as macro have been set to ‘Yes’ for cameras without lenses if a macro lens is available for that camera. In a future phase we will be hoping to find a way of comparing camera and lens combinations in a meaningful way.

Keep me informed

To keep informed of improvements to this website please register with the option to be notified of future developments selected.

See features and spec notes for more info.

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