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This blog covers the development of finalverdict.com and commentary on the design considerations.

13 September 2018 - Added new cameras

Added new Fujifilm X-H1 and X-T3 cameras. X-H1 has in body image stabilisation.

8 January 2018 - Bug fixes and score caps

Some intermittent bugs have now been resolved. Thank you to those who have alerted me to the issues. I have introduced caps on the scoring calculations as outlier values were making the scores ineffective in some circumstances. Any value equal to or higher than the cap is attributed 100 points. Examples were 15kg lenses and continuous shooting of 60 frames per second. I have set the cap on weights at 5kg and frames per second at 20 fps. I have also set a price cap of 5000GBP (6000 USD).

News: Version 2 Released - 19 December 2017

This is a major update. This release adds lenses to the matching tool making it possible to compare compact cameras with DSLR's and CSC's. The tool combines certain features and specifications on cameras with the same data on lenses to enable full comparison. This includes combining the prices of cameras and lenses so that price filtering allows selection by budget.

Because there are approximately 1500 lenses and 150 cameras the cartesian product of these made for slow running queries. The solution for this was to pre-filter lenses by lens type so that the default comparison works on standard lenses only.

Plans: Noise Filtering - 24 November 2017

I am looking for a source of RAW images to enable comparison of cameras sensor noise at various ISO's. The plan is to analyse the images with a noise calculation program and product an accurate measure of noise. This is preferrable to using JPG's as there is an unknown level of smoothing that happens 'in camera'.

News: Version 1 Released - 14 November 2017

Initial launch was rushed with over excitement. Marketing plans delayed until the software is robust and has sufficient features to be useful. The effort going into building the database is overwhelming :)

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